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Why use Data Analytics for digital production?
Data Science and Data Analytics provides insight by monitoring operations, administration and measuring performance outcomes, such as terabytes of data per day typical of high-end film production. Audience analytics, digital distribution analytics, royalty analytics are vital for insights to project performance, such as release dates, concert & events expectations.  Plus, understanding the buying habits, or listening patterns of target audiences can provide meaningful insight to strategic marketing plans.

"How to build a fanbase?"

What is Versatile Video Coding (VVC)?

Versatile Video Coding (VVC) (MPEG-I Part 3) is a video compression "algorithm" standard in development by the Joint Video Experts Team (JVET) scheduled for release in mid-2020. The resolutions to be supported are from 4k to 16k and 360 videos.  VVC should support lower bit rates too.  Wikipedia

Can I mix my own music and hire a professional mastering services?

Absolutely yes.  Just be wise and avoid common beginner mistakes.  Remember, the frequency balance and quality of input sound and microphone placement can limit music mastering optimization, to share a few.

Is the music industry dying?

The answer truly depends on whom the inquiry is directed.  The facts presented by the US Census and IFPI Global Music Report 2019 announced a bullish 9.7% increase from 2018 with the fourth consecutive year of growth reaching in the U.S. to $19.1 billion.
The business of music and the digital technology revolution has created a paradigm shift from the historical Big 4 to Indi Labels. This is not new. Everyone is a guitarist. Everyone has an "Uncle-Cousin-Nephew-Twice-Removed" building websitesThere is nothing new under the sun. The masterpiece is you.

Should I use video marketing?

Video has become a dominate social tool.  Everyone communicates, but few connect. Recent studies show four out of the top six channels on which global consumers watch videos are on social channels, such as Facebook, Youtube, to name a few...  Hubspot

What is the Audio Engineering Society?

The AES was established in 1948.  Members are engineers, developers and audio content production resources.  Audio Engineering Society

Do I have to use Pro Tools to hire Flipside Mastering Services?

No.  Flipside Digital Media can master digital mixes from Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, for example.  Please Contact Us with any questions.  Thank you.

What kind of Podcasting service does Flipside Digital Media offer?
Flipside Digital Media offers video podcasting studio services and remote. Also, Flipside streams LIVE! broadcast streaming to multi-channel markets including our own Flipside eMagazine and the world of social media, radio and more! Commercial advertising and guest radio spots interviews available... "Reach 10,000's to millions of people & convert to fans"
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