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Flipside Digital Media, LLC was established in 2019 by CEO David T. Moore after 20 years of Information Technology consulting, a veteran United States Navy Band including education from Devry Institute of Technology, American Conservatory of Music in Chicago and the United States Navy School of music.


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Mix. Master. Digital Analtyics

What Flipside Actually Does . . .

Digital Music & Video Production

Flipside Digital Media supports the full production lifecycle from analysis, pre-production, production to post production.  We only employ industry leading tools for HD digital recording of music, video, mastering and distribution.  Our choice tools include Avid Pro Tools, Universal Audio, Raven, East West, Adobe, Tibco Spotfire, Tableau, PowerBI for measuring return on investment with facts.

“Mix Master Data Analytics”


Our Industry tools of choice

“You Define Success … Flipside Digital Media Defines the Solutions”

Avid software

Pro Tools, Sibellius &
Media Composer

Universal Audio

Apollo X Interfaces
Mixing/ Mastering Plugins


Graphics & Illustrations

Data Analytics

Tibco Spotfire, PowerBi
Tableau, Jaspersoft

You Define SUCCESS . . . Flipside Digital Media gets you there . . .

Seeking our potential in all matters of the heart, unimaginable creativity, unimaginable love, unimaginable joy . . . and helping others along the way

To do our part to help others reach their potential . . “Often we strive to get to the next level accomplishing all that appears required.  However, if we are never invited, or never accept the invitation, we are left behind to watch, wonder and wrapped up in all the imperfections of our humanity”

“You Define Success Flipside Gets You There”

Everyone Communicates . . . Few Connect

To obtain and maintain a peaceful and balanced life in our homes and in our work lives with the understanding that what we do does not define who we are.. “Where’s the Love?”