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IoT is more than just about devices. IoT involves rich computer vision features and streaming video real-time. Pushing data to the cloud, or data centers can be inefficient, costly, and result in missed opportunities with residua threats.  Flipside brings together every kind of data—meta, reference, master, transactional, and streaming—all to support the design, deployment, use, and reuse of data across your entire ecosystems.

Prevent stalls in your workflow by embedding human decision-making into key points within automated processing for applying ingenuity where needed.  Value in automation.

Do you currently have Tibco products in your stack and enterprise? Flipside PSG Consulting can serve  modernization effort and portfolio to be cloud-native with native support for Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Fargate, and AWS Lambda. Tibco “Best Practice” proven methodology allows customers to leverage  existing TIBCO products by moving deployments to AWS and utilizing full advantage of cloud benefits, and fast, rapid & efficient time to market at the lowest risk.


What is Tibco on Azure?

TIBCO partners with Microsoft Azure to accelerate your cloud adoption, empowering you to unlock the potential of real-time data for making faster, smarter decisions.  With flexibility to leverage any environment, build, run and manage applications across multiple clouds, on-premises, hybrid, and at the edge with TIBCO on Azure the latest technologies to quickly experiment, innovate and transform your business.  Success!

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“Learn how Agile can help your business and projects today”

Why the need for digital transformation?

The world is continuously evolving.  Advances digitally, the political climate, or the actual climate of the planet evolution surfaces core human ability for adapting to change. The internet has changed our way of life.  How  to become ever more connected?

How to modernize a small business? Digital Transformation.

Digital modernization is widening the gaze to reimaging processes and optimizing your data for deeper insight to gain faster delivery to the market, improve quality, product management & customer experience optimization, manage risk better, operation improvements, inventory control for connecting to your customers, clients and potential leads.  Digital modernization should be based on your definition of success.  “Everyone Communicates.  Few Connect”

Digital Modernization is NOT a facelift for your brand, social media efforts and “image” to the marketplace.




How ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers used data analytics

Since September 2016, ASCAP has a full digital product plan with a Digital Team re-launching a modernized, intuitive and Member Access experiences.  The music industry continues to evolve.  ASCAP is building new experiences and re-engineering existing processes creating new partnerships to transform the way members and licensees interact with ASCAP,” said Alice Kim ASCAP Chief Strategy & Digital Officer

Adobe Analytics allows the recording of all actions performed on a website for advanced analytics to create reports using Excel formatting tools designed specifically to meet unique requirements.

What is Adobe Analytics?

United States Veterans Affairs Digital Modernization  & Automation Improvements for the new digital GI Bill

The Digital GI Bill (DGIB) project began in 2021 to streamline and improve all GI Bill benefits through a single portal. Driven by the Federal government rules on the hill, the arduous paper trail of artifacts along with a self-service effort is part of the scope.   The department of Veterans Affairs is overseeing the comprehensive modernizing schedule as a 10 year project.

TIBCO Spotfire is an artificial intelligence-based analytics platform that is client server based. Spotfire software is the smarter analytics platform. Its Recommendations engine automatically IDs the most interesting patterns in your

data, providing guidance for deeper exploration in seconds. Spotfire embedded data science capabilities empower with custom expressions and data functions. Writing and managing scripts all in one environment with native R and Python bundled engines and even access pre-trained, governed data science models at the click of a button with TIBCO® ModelOps.

Learn how to report using data that is all over the place with Tibco Data Virtualization, EBX & MDM that delivers data to Tibco Spotfire, Tableau, Power Bi and other tools meaningfully for fast to the market reporting

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